What am I doing??

I’ve finally done it. Started a baking blog just like everyone has been telling me to. Ive been hesitant to do so for a long time for a few reasons:

1. I never know what to say

2. I don’t bake or cook that much

3. I have a feeling this will either turn into more than just a baking blog or i will forget about it one day and and never update it again.

4. Its hard.

As for never knowing what to say I suppose its just something I will have to deal with. It took me forever just to come up with a title and it doesn’t even make sense. (In case anyone was wondering it is combination of sprinkles and my favorite animal – The jackalope.)

Im hoping that this blog will encourage me to bake more. I don’t as often as id like because   I’m always scared whatever I make will not get eaten.

If this turned into more than a baking blog thats alright. It can be a baking, craft, and Idea blog. I can do whatever I want right? It is my blog after all.

And although its hard Im giving it a shot anyway. All I can do is try my best. Ill try to update not only for anyone who may eventually stumble upon this but for myself too. Im not really that good with technology which would sound weird to anyone who really knows me but its true. Im having a real difficult time figuring out this website. (I couldn’t even figure out how to make a new board on pinterest and I’ve done it before!)

Lets cut to the chase- You can’t have a baking blog without baking am i right?




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