Meet Sprinkalope

If I were to write a book about my life it would be called, “The Unpopular Opinion.”

Of course thats a tiny exaggeration. I know there are people who are similar to me but I get excited about things that other people don’t, and tend to like things that other people don’t… At least people in my neck of the woods.

I laugh at my own jokes- even if they aren’t funny because lets face it, I wouldn’t have said it if I thought it wasn’t funny. Sometimes i laugh so hard I cry at my own jokes or anyone else’s for that matter.

When I was little my dad used to say I could make anything out of nothing when it came to crafts, and recently my sister remembered that I was diagnosed with Thaasophobia, the fear of boredom, because I would cram as many activities as physically possible into a backpack anytime we went somewhere whether it be grandmas house or the grocery store.

And after one more cat picture, we move onto the cliche lists.

Things I fancy:

  • Roo, my kitty
  • pens
  • coke zero
  • coral pink
  • donuts
  • skinny jeans
  • corgis
  • pullover sweatshirts
  • scary kids scaring kids
  • liking things before other people like them
  • liking things after they’ve become popular
  • Adventure Time
  • video games
  • confetti sprinkles
  • Marvel and DC comics
  • doing things
  • jackalopes
  • princesses
  • sleeping
  • apple products
  • christmas
  • Bellevue, Wa
  • legos
  • The commercial for that car where the girl is looking at her Facebook and says that the picture she’s looking at can’t be a real dog.
  • honey badger
  • writing

Things I don’t fancy:

  • when its dark outside
  • not being able to hug every cat
  • hot pink
  • criminal minds and Law & Order
  • sautéed mushrooms
  • mayonaise
  • when people describe their injuries
  • scary things
  • white chocolate
  • watching movies in the middle of he day without doing anything else
  • people I don’t like, liking things I like
  • people I do like, not liking things I like
  • peanut butter and chocolate
  • clothing stores like ross and TJ maxx
  • reading
  • being touched
  • when my cartoon drawings are referred to as “anime”
  • anime
  • country music

Favorite foods:

  • bread (Sourdough)
  • spaghetti
  • salad with pesto
  • chili cheese ____
  • fried rice from Indochine
  • Panera Bear claws
  • bacon cheeseburgers

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