These cookies would have been way better if you had made them.

There are a lot of things I don’t understand about the dentist. Im sure theres a running joke for everyone about how the dentist will ask you something about you home life while their hands are inside your mouth so you can answer. The thing is that with my dentist they ask the question then stop what they’re doing so that I can answer, making the appointment twice as long.

I also don’t get how they can expect me to make an appointment six months in advance. I don’t know what days off I’m going to have six months from now, or what time of day will work best for me. Six months ago i was waking up at noon and working night shifts. Now i wake up between 5:45 and 8:00 am.

And how on earth do they remember so much about me. I walk in twice a year and they ask me specific questions about my life. They remember more than someone I saw a couple weeks ago. Do they remember that much about all the patients? She mentions today she works from 7:00 -7:00 with an hour long appointment for each patient that would be twelve people a day and thats a different twelve people every day for six months. Sure I’ve been going to the same dentists for the past fourteen years but still, I’m calling shinanigans.

One of the main points of todays visit was to tell them how much my teeth have been hurting every time I eat something sweet. I should probably stop eating stuff like cookies. Continue reading